The Berrics - In Transition (Bob Burnquist)

All Skateboarders, prepare to have your mind blown. Bob Burnquist has always been a G but this is next level. At the 38 years old, he’s still innovating and taking his craft to the next level. I feel like I’m watching a game of Tony Hawk being played.

Our friend and respected Director Ethan Lader, just did another amazing music video for Wiz Khalifa. Ethan is a rising star, in the directing world and he keeps going up.  Congrats to him all of his success.

Artist: Wiz Khalifa

Song: We Dem Boyz

Director: Ethan Lader

Here’s a little Flash Back Friday for all of you.  This is the very first video we did as STAY COOL PRODUCTIONS. We wanted to do an artistic spoof on Drive.  We got an old car, shot it and hired a composer. This is the final product.  Don’t try and make sense of it…just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Produced by: Stay Cool Productions

Directed by: Cottrell Guidry, Kabir Affonso and Michael Moore

Actors: Cottrell Guidry, Alessandra Torresani

Music by: The Optimist

For a while now, my friend Kabir and I have been putting together projects without budgets to see what we can accomplish. This latest installment is for our friends at Scott X Scott Clothing.

Ever since I saw the Spike Jonze Video “Drop” he did for The Pharcyde, I’ve always wanted to do something using that concept. So we went down to Brandon and Sarah’s showroom and asked if they minded us shooting a commercial for them. They said yes and trusted us with their brand.

The second I knew it was a go, I wrote the treatment, called in favors for locations and got 2 amazing working models to lend us their time. Kabir shot, I directed, he edited…It’s amazing what you can get done with faith and positive energy.
We are humbled that we get to share this piece with you.

The first music video we ever did. Treatment by us and co directed by Us and Kevin Boston…

We created this at the beginning of 2013, to show everyone what the casting process is really like. If you haven’t seen it, take a Look.

One man struggles to break into the world of acting. Viewer beware. Ahead, there be egoism.

Producer-Funny Or Die
Producer-Stay Cool Productions
Writer-Cottrell Guidry
Director-Lu Louis
Executive Producer-Byrne Owens
Geoff-Cottrell Guidry
Chris-Nathan J Owens
Brian-Preston Davis
Casting Director-David Weidoff
Casting Asst-Peter Coventry Smith
Actor-Quincy Ndekwe 

(Source: staycoolprod2)

Black and Jewish (Black and Yellow Parody) - This video is what helped start STAY COOL PRODUCTIONS. Almost 3 years ago, I was in a meeting with Kat Graham and the producers at funny or die. They asked if we had any ideas for a sketch that Kat could do.  She nudge me and said “Tell them the idea you told me last night.” I swallowed and nervously pitch them the idea of doing a song about being black and jewish. It was the same time “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa was playing on every radio station. The Producers looked at me and said “Great, let’s do it.” They contacted Cali Hawk to co star and put the comedian James Davis on it, to write it and add in our jokes…Then Boom! over 300,000 hits in 2 days. It taught us that you can create a project based on a good idea. Never judge yourself.

THROW BACK THURSDAY! This is one of our favorite videos we’ve ever worked on.  Great message, super positive and a great team involved.  Here’s our Parody for the Out of the Closet and the Aids Healthcare Foundation, written by: Cottrell Guidry and Danny Fernandez…

Produced by: Stay Cool Productions, Stacy Fong, Joey Battaglia and Jaime Davern, Byrne Owens

Directed by: Lu Louis

Edited by: Kevin Boston

(Source: staycoolprod2)

This is the guys version of the commercial that Panthera Pictures did with us for We are predicting that The Hunt will be the next big thing. Download it on your Iphone, if you haven’t already.

Song by: MC IMPRINT -“smile on”

We were blessed enough to have an opportunity to produce a commercial with Panthera Pictures for a new and innovative fashion App. called “The Hunt”. If you see an article of clothing that you like but don’t know who makes it or where to buy it, start a hunt and other fashion lovers can help you out. Go download it now!

Producer: Stay Cool Productions

Director: Cottrell Guidry

Actresses: Kat Graham, Malina G and Alissa Latow

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